Accessibility to people with disabilities

Accessibility to people with disabilities


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Information and condideration of your specific needs

During our first contacts with your organization and you, we propose to the participants to our training and coaching a questionnaire in order to take into account the specificities of your disabilities and to determine any possible adjustments or rearragnements to be put in place, followed if necessary by an interview, in collaboration with your training manager.

Depending on the needs expressed and identified, we will supply you with specific support, guide you and/or organize your journey, in possible collaboration with your legal representative.

Our Disability Representative is available to answer all of your questions:  please contact us.

Accessibility of premises to people with disabilities

  • The AURATORIA teams provide intra-company training and animation within the premises of our client organizations. We check with the sponsor the suitability of these premises for ‘public-access building, first category’ standards. In the event of a request for third-party locations, and in connection with the sponsor, we will identify a location that meets these standards according to your needs.
  • For individual coaching, if you would like it to take place outside your workplace, please note that AURATORIA offices are not classified ‘public-access building, first category’. En lien avec votre responsable formation et/ou votre représentant légal, nous identifierons un local répondant aux normes ERP selon vos besoins. In connection with your training manager and/or legal representative, we will identify a location that meets these standards according to your needs.