Remote training frame

Our methods for remote trainings


Our remote trainings are generally delivered in synchronous mode (live = face-to-face).
We use preferably the Digiforma application, or Zoom in secure mode, that we provide, or Teams when requested.
We can, upon your organization’s request, also use any other videoconferencing application from your organization allowing for interactivity with the participants and the proper delivery and animation of a participative training.
We will then be needing to have control as the session’s organizer to have access to all the animation and participants management functionalities.

Our satisfaction and quality monitoring questionnaires are now carried on in Digiforma.

Depending on the training, we may also be required to use  collaborative and interactivity tools such as Kahoot, Google Suite (Google Slides, Google Doc, Google Sheet, Youtube)…
Please tell us about any contraindications from your IT Department.

For people with disabilities, see our approach to accessibility for people with disabilities and contact us as soon as possible before the training to arrange together the methods towards their full participation.

Participants access to their training:

An e-mail with your invitation and your individual access to your training Extranet will be sent to you 8 days before the start of your training, and you will be reminded of each online session 1 hour before the session opens.

We invite you to check your spam emails if applicable.

The link you received is personal and confidential, please keep it for your exclusive use.

Below you will find tutorials on how to connect properly:

Participate in a training via Zoom

Participate in a training via Teams

In case of difficulty, you can contact us to provide you with the necessary support, via the contact details indicated in the invitation and reminder e-mails.

On the day of your training:

Participating in remote training requires that you have a computer (PC or Mac, a smartphone or tablet are not sufficient), equipped with a microphone and a camera in working conditions, a sufficiently powerful Internet connection to follow a videoconference.

This also requires that you be in a quiet workspace (avoid open-spaces or shared spaces), allowing you to express yourself orally, to participate in your training in the best conditions.

Log in around ten minutes before the start of the training via the link provided and reminded to you to test your equipment according to the tutorials above.

Join the training with audio from your computer, providing your first and last name when you log in, so we can identify you among the intended participants and admit you to your session.

The training takes place via videoconference with sharing of documents, videos, and possible use of interactive and collaborative applications (see above). The methods are specified in your program, available on your Extranet.

As our training courses are participatory training-actions, you will have to participate regularly via videoconferencing, chat and/or documents and collaborative spaces, according to the instructions of your trainer.

The reference support documentsactivities to be carried out and evaluation stages are made available to you as your training progresses in your individual Extranet space.
We invite you again to check your spam emails if applicable.